Thrive \ The Full Picture of the Gospel

  • December 8, 2018
  • Pastor Andrew Jun
  • Special Event

Sermon Summary

The One Thing:  Perceive, Believe, and Live in the Full Picture of the Gospel

Oftentimes in many countries across generations, Gospel are received - then assumed - then confused - then lost!  The Gospel is the Good News of victory through Jesus Christ that sets us free from our sins and brokenness in the world.  We must not assume the Gospel and easily forget the full picture of the Gospel: 

Creation - the Fall - Redemption - Restoration

When we perceive, believe, and live in the whole picture of the Gospel, we allow God to bring True Transformation inside-out of ourselves, and be empowered to reach out and be influence to others as a light, sharing God's grace and partaking in His work of redemption and restoration in the world.

Life Applications:  

1) Share the Gospel to yourself & to others as a lifestyle

2) Process the implications of the full picture of the Gospel

Thrive Series

HMCC Conregational Retreat 2018 theme "Thrive" where we are learning deeper about the full picture of the Gospel and how we should respond and apply it to every aspect of our lives. Through the Redemption and Salvation through Jesus Christ, we are a new creation with a new heart given by God, to be fully equipped to do good works that God has prepared for us.