Called \ Our Abilities

  • September 16, 2018
  • Pastor Joe Yun
  • Exodus 35:4-36:1
  • Sunday Celebration

Sermon Summary

The BIG Idea:  God gives us the Abilities to make Him known everyday

What is doing "the work of the Lord"? When God calls each of us and enables us to do His will, is that only contained on a Sunday when we do "ministry in the church"? God has called His people to something far more fundamental and thorough and fulfilling. Our specific calling includes our God-given abilities to make God's good works known every day.

Next Steps:

1. Be inspired to show God's goodness in your daily work

Read: "Practicing the Presence of God" - Brother Lawrence,

"Courage and Calling" - Gordon T. Smith

2. Bring what God has given you to serve others