BLESS \ Eat Together

  • July 1, 2018
  • Pastor Josh Yang
  • Luke 5:27-32
  • Sunday Celebration

Sermon Summary

One Thing:  Share your Life and Share Jesus as you Share Meals Together

When we share vulnerably about our struggles and challenges, it invites others to open up their lives to you too. Sharing meals together is a great way to share your lives and point one another to Jesus. 

Next steps:

1. Reflect about your brokenness

2. Remember Jesus and His blessings

3. Pray about who to eat and share with

BLESS Series

Practical and biblical steps in how to build genuine relationships and share Christ's love to others. How can I bless others?

1. Begin with Prayer
2. Listen
3. Eat Together
4. Serve
5. Share your Story